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Sunday, May 8, 2011

penyakit lama dah datang..cant sleep!!! owh please i really hate dis..hey u know wut? its a mothers day..today,i mean yesterday, early in the morning i've got sms, "selamat hari ibu,along.." wut a suprised i've got a msg from my mum..thnks mum..luv ya!!
me,became a mother like a miracle.my little princess call me ibu.the best thing i loved most is,every morning,she came to my room,and shouted..ibu..ibu...best kan...
its not easy..really...its hard..playing with emotion..i am over protective mother..yes i am..selalu worried,even najihah at scholl,i alwiz think,macam mane najihah berkawan,dengan siapa,boleh ke dia makan sdnri,go to toilet by herself..wut to do..i'm a mother..i just wanna the best things happen to her..
dah rasa mengatuk already...need to sleep.my little baby inside need a

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